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Time to Get Online

Time to Get Online Ltd is an independent web & graphic design company based near Cirencester in Gloucestershire.

Run by David Hall, a designer & photographer, Time to Get Online has rapidly established a reputation for creating beautiful websites, particularly for small businesses.  Blending words, images and code to craft the perfect online presence for your business.

What Will It Cost?

All businesses are different and your website needs to project a professional image for your business and exceed what your users expect. But, you will also want to  know what the costs will be before you go ahead.

So get in touch, we’ll discuss what you do and what you dont need and agree a firm, fixed price before we start. Whats more – you dont pay until the project is complete and you are happy with the result.

Responsive Design

More than half of all internet users now prefer to use smartphones and tablets to access websites. Mobile devices will continue to increase in importance in the future.

This means your website needs to work well on all screen sizes, and that means a responsive design that detects the size of the screen being used and presents the content accordingly.

If you need a website, or feel your current website could be improved,

call David Hall on 07843 587 677

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Why Your Business Needs A Website

It’s been estimated that over 50% of all small businesses in the UK do not have a web site.

Surveys have shown that 4 out of 5 people surveyed use the internet for research before making a purchase, and most people prefer to buy from businesses that do have a website.

If you run a business and don’t have an effective website – you are missing potential customers.

Your website needs to work well.

Technology moves rapidly – people now regularly use smart phones and tablets to surf the net. Websites that were state-of-the-art  a few years ago don’t always work well on modern devices, some of them don’t work at all! A poorly designed website, or one that is out of date could be damaging your business.

If you’ve had your website for a few years, try using it on a phone or tablet.

time to get online responsive web design illustration showing the same web page on lots of devices

... it also needs to be secure

Basic security has also changed as privacy laws become stricter and users more savvy. Internet protocols have changed – and now sites need to be certified with a padlock and the https prefix.

Where this used to be confined to online shops a few years ago – now its the standard your website must meet. If not, users may ignore you and search engines will downgrade your ranking.

If your website is still insecure – we can fix that for you.

Keeping everything running smoothly.

Once your new website is published and live – its important to give it some TLC from time to time.

All the software components will need regular updating. Making sure your content is current and relevant also encourages repeat visitors and helps your sites ranking with search engines. It goes wothout saying that everything should be regularly backed up in case disaster strikes.

Time to Get Online offers a range of options to keep your site healthy and current.

DIY - maintaining your own website.

All websites by Time to Get Online are created using WordPress – a powerful content management system which now accounts for about a third of the internet.

In addition, all our sites include a visual page builder/editor so making chnages is as easy and non-technical as it can be.

Maintenance Plan

Many business owners don’t have the time to make website changes regualrly.

Thats where a TTGO  maintenance plan can help. Based on how quickly a website content needs to be updated, we can agree a regular monthly fee to handle all changes as they are required.

This is a great way to budget for the ongoing costs of running a website – no surprises and everything keep up to date.

TTGO Managed Hosting

All websites must be hosted somewhere. If you have an existing or preferred host company – we can usually continue to host the site there to minimise disruption.

Alternatively we now offer a fully managed hosting package for websites we build and maintain. 

This includes an SSL certificate (assuming we have the domain nameservers), monthly software updates, daily site backups with 30 day rolling archive, and recovery and staging of your site where all changes are tested on a mirror copy before being copied to the live site.